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Originally posted by tfunk02
What is the default resolution on the hd 8000, and if it isn't 720P, how do I change it to that? Thanks!!!

I have a Sanyo Z2 that is 720p. On the old box I had all I had to do was press menu while the box was turned off, but I need help on this box.
I don't think there's a "default resolution" of the SA8000HD.

To change the output formats, press the SETTINGS key on the remote then hit the A key for MORE SETTINGs and scroll down a few notches and you'll see Outup Formats. There you can select one or any of the available formats.

In my case i have a Panasonic HDTV and it doesn't input or support 720p at all so i have to de-select 720p completely. If i have 720p as one of my formats, when i tune to KABC-HD or ESPN-HD my TV screen goes black since both stations broadcast in 720p.

So i have 480i, 480p, and 1080i selected as my output formats.
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