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720p support important?

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The HD set that i am currently considering, the Tosh 42H81, doesn't support 720p. Is that really important, as in important enougn to make me look for another set instead? The monitor will be used for:

1. DVD

2. Non-HD (for now) DSS

3. Games via PC

4. Games via Xbox
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Very few sets actually support 720p natively. Instead what they do is "up"convert it to 1080i. In the applications listed this does not help you.

1) DVDs 480p should be fine.

2) Non ND DSS would be fine at 480P.

3) Games via PC. This is the only one where 720p matters. A set with 720p will be able to produce 800x600. Others will not.

4) With the add on pack the XBox will output 1080i.

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Any HDTV 720p signals should be converted by your STB to 1080i for your set. As far as HTPC is concerned, you should look in the Home Theater Computers forum. There are many "fixes" for getting your PC's video card to match the capabilities of your set. Often, you setup your PC to output 1080i or 540p (same scan rate as 1080i). Simply giving any HDTV a standard PC resolution like 640x480 or 800x600 can cause problems, even if they do support 720p. These are not typically like PC monitors which are able to sync to a wide variety of resolutions/refresh rates, they only have a few supported configurations and it is important that you make your PC bend to the will of your TV and not the other way around as improper signals can damage the TV.

Of course, if you get a digital projector, you avoid much of that because most of them (maybe all) will support common PC resolutions.

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I personally think that playing DVDs on the computer upconverted to 720P is quite nice.

ABCs sunday night movies (as with all ABC programming) is 720P.

Also, software HDTV decoders can decode 720P but have a hard time with 1080i currently.

That being said, is it worth it, since you already have a HDTV? I wouldn't think it's reason alone to get a new set. But maybe if you are upgrading for another reason...(front projector or something like that)

Sports is great in 720P, of course MNF is no longer...
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No i don't have a set yet, i'm planning to get one this winter.
If you don't already have one, then spend the next 2 months reading the HTPC section. Then wait until after CES.

We may have to wait a bit after CES in January since there's typically

mostly prototypes and not production units on display. The production

units strive to be out before Christmas, not after Christmas.
CES? What is it and why would i wait for it?
CES is the consumer electronics show. It is the place where all the manufacturers display their new products. While Will is correct (the products won't be shipping), it generally gives you a feel for the state of the world. It also lets you know if there is anything worth waiting for.

The CES is a lot of fun and an opportunity for real frustration, especially for anyone who is looking for a first HD machine and not some kind of upgrade. You will see or, at least, hear about wonderful things that are due out the first or second quarter of the year and you will not see many of them in a retail outlet for the rest of the year or longer. Some of the great new machines will never see the light of day, but you will put off enjoying HD for a long time waiting for vaporware. People who have been in this hobby for some time understand how nebulous the things at CES can be. Just thought I would give you an idea of how this thing really works. Enjoy the CES and take everything with a pound of salt. Art
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