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Hello all,

There seem to be many users of Pioneer Elite products so I hope I can get help or clarification. I have a 72TXV with all firmware upgrades. I am using a Dirctv receiver (composite), Denon 1920 (component), Toshiba A2 (HDMI) with HDMI-DVI out to my Westy LVM-42W2. I am unable to see any video when using the directv receiver through the HDMI out (also no OSD).

It is my understanding that the LVM-42W2 can accept 480i through HDMI or DVI so I am thinking that is not the problem. I do get video via HDMI when using component but not with composite. I cannot find anywhere in the manual where it states it will not upconvert the composite.

Anyone else with this issue.

Thanks in advance.
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