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780p vs. 1080i--Which looks better?

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I'm new to the HDTV scene. I just purchased a Samsung LN-T4661F set, and called Samsung to confirm I had the latest firmware (I noticed some blurriness in HD imagery).

The technician suggested I switch from "1080i" mode on my Comcast cable box to "720p". He stated that the interlaced 1080i mode will not look as sharp, across the board, as the 720p mode. I know that there aren't any current broadcasts in 1080p, but I was under the impression that 1080i was a finer picture than 720p.

Could someone please advise? Thank you.
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You should always try to use the native resolution of your TV. That way your TV will take any signal it receives and outputs it at the correct resolution. But what Shin said is very helpful too. Also, I thought that certain LCDs didn't output 1080i that well and that 720/1080p would be better?
On a 1366x768 display, I've found 1080i better than 720p, because 1080i is downscaled, keeping more detail, while 720 is upscaled (from 1280x720), losing more detail.

1080i is deinterlaced on any lcd. The type of lcd you have may have bobbed 1080i (terrible processing), or properly deinterlaced 1080i.
I guess the question is does comcast send 1080i to your home? Most of the stations are broadcasting in 1080i and comcast sends 1080i to your home the cleanest least processed signal should be your 1080i. I do not know how comcast works. The other issue could be that your TV does a poor job of deenterlacing but it would be hard for me to believe that the comcast box would deintelace the 1080i to 720p (which is less pixels) and would then be scaled to 1080p in the set, better than the Samsung could deinterlace the 1080i to 1080p.
My TV is 1920x1080 with native 1080p. Any way of knowing whether my 1080i processing is "bobbed" or properly deinterlaced? So, there's no way of determining what's actually better, it just depends on your set?
Bobbed LOOKS terrible no matter how you slice it. It's an obvious thing.
You could get a test pattern and check but the reviews say it passes the video deinterlaceing tests (so not doing a BoB) but it does not pass the film deinterlacing test, so it does not do inverse telecine (3:2 pulldown) for film but treats all interlaced material as video.
my tv is 1080p so 1080i looks better than 720p to me. I believe my tv upscales 1080i to 1080p, same with 720, but it just looks better with 1080i.

Originally Posted by Shin CZ /forum/post/12871832

Bobbed LOOKS terrible no matter how you slice it. It's an obvious thing.

I not to sure about that in 06 about 50% of 61 TVs failed the deinterlacing tests, in 07 about 35% of 74 failed.

The Sharp d92 looks pretty good but it failed.

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