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I'm using a Mits WD-65831 - brand new this past week. Dish networks is my provider and so far, the setup has been great. I would probably give it a 95% grade which isn't bad right outta the box!!

The Dish network provides signal in 1080i so the DVR was set to send signal in that mode by the installer. I've been wondering though why no matter what I watch the TV reports that mode.

The HD channels come in full screen and it says the signal is 1080i. Non HD channels come in 4x3 windows with black bars (barn door mode?). But they too report to be 1080i.

Why is that?

Today before my San Diego Chargers lost the football game, I set the cable box to deliver 780P instead. The picture looked worse, and I quickly set it back to 1080i.

Am I missing something really basic here? The 780P transmission looked very unnatural and was clearly off. No matter what I watch, the TV tells me it is in whatever mode I set the Dish DVR box to send.

How can I tell what mode I am REALLY watching?

-Paul in San Diego

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There's a similarly titled current thread in the HD programming forum that covers your queries. Visiting a site such a hdtvgalaxy.com shows what programs are true HDTV (usually 16X9). When 4X3 (SD) programs are delivered in upconverted 1080i or 720p they usually have side pillars. Some 16X9 letterboxed SD programming (PBS, movies, etc.) is upconverted to 1080i/720p, too. -- John
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