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hello all! i have been lurking around AVS for years and have been able to get all the information i ever needed by searching but my new set-up has me lost.

based on largely on the forums here i purchased a 65" Panny plasma (~100lbs) with a 800 x 300mm mounting pattern. i bought an omnimount LEDW120 when i was considering a 60" panel and then i found a good deal on the 65" and bought it on impulse, the LEDW120 mount is 600mm W so it wont work. i have an 11" wide "post" (HVAC duct running from the attic to the bottom floor that has been framed and drywalled in) in the middle of my room i want to mount this TV on (it will look semi "floating") but all the mounts i am seeing for a TV this large are (understandably) made to be mounted to 16" studs. i am one step away from going down the local welding shop to have him make me something custom but figured i would ask the AVS gods first before i get knee-deep in a custom bracket that will likely weight and cost as much as the TV itself.

does anyone know of any 800mm W mounts that can be mounted on an 11" post (would need to be 9.5" mounting holes as the outside width of the post is 11" and im assuming 5/8" drywall.)

thanks in advance!
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