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8000 - "Three recordings" - So don't record ANYTHING?

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Wondering if anyone else has seen this little quirk (Comcast/SARA):

Ended up with three recordings scheduled to overlap last night (24, Las Vegas, and CSI:Miami being as it started early)...

Reading the paper and looked up at 9:01, no red light ! ! !

Switch to 24, check out guide, '24' no longer highlighted red in the guide.

Push REC, get the options, go through, hit "Accept", still no red light.

Do the REC thing again, get screen about "Three recordings" so I cancel Las Vegas, box finally starts recording '24.'

24 over, watching a bit of the news at 10, notice red light OFF again...not recording "CSI:Miami" now.

So when the box gets confused, it just punts?? Why no warning screen prior to 9:00 (or more to the point prior to 9:30 when the 'three recordings' would have actually been trying to occur).

Still happy with the box. Would like some of the software fixes I've heard are 'in the works' (multiple bookmarks, not dumping out to the beginning when a recording you're watching ends, etc).
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thanks...I know how to use the search function but there are so many posts...too...many....posts....must....search....

forgot to mention the best thing of all...24 and CSI:Miami and Las Vegas were all set to record 'all episodes' but since this happened last night, I've had to go in and re-select all three shows to record any episodes, not just 'all episodes'

So add to the not only does it not record ANYTHING, it also forgets the 'season pass' for any show in the three show pile.

I cannot believe Tivo does not already have a box with dual tuners and a Cablecard slot.
I went throgh this with my SA8000HD. After putting up with this POS for 3 months we got HD-Tivo/Directv. It cost $900 and is worth every cent. We've had HD-Tivo for about a year and it has never missed a recording or messed up in any way. Cable = crap.
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