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80GB Maxtor - $155 delivered from Dell (10/17 only)

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search for maxtor...20% off will show up after you add the item to your cart...free ground shipping & no tax for most people
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I almost bought this drive from ebay for $135+$12.50 shipping. Thank goodness someone outbid me in the last two hours of the auction!

Don't forget that you get an additional 2% rebate if you go through ebates!

Just got mine for $155.12 shipped to California and hopefully will get another $3 back from ebates (if they're still in business when it comes time to pay the rebate check).
This deal is still available at Priceline . It's not through dell, but you can get near 155 at multiple vendors with 3 year warantees.
Since Dell are in my state, the price quoted for me included sales tax. Sybercom's price are slightly better:

Maxtor UATA/100 5400rpm

40Gb $80 = $2.00/Gb

60Gb $120 = $2.00/Gb

80Gb $150 = $1.88/Gb

100Gb $219 = $2.19/Gb

And tack on $12 for S&H.
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I posted the other day that Best Buy is clearancing the retail box Maxtor 80GB drives for $159.00.
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