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84 “Plasma I’ll just make my own

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I think I make will make may own 84 inch plasma. I will just buy 2 42†Pany’s then run a thin wall from between the plasmas right up my nose. Right eye will be only able to see the right side plasma and the left eye can only see the left side Plasma. I can buy 2 42 inch plasma’s for the same price as a 50 inch Pany Plasma. People keep talking about a price drops in the 42†screens but where are the price drops on 50 inch screens? I know the pioneer can be had for Mid 5K if I work hard enough. Panasonic just build a cheaper 50’ plasma’s “Build it and they will comeâ€. Buy 2 42†for the price of a 50†is it just me that thinks this is silly.
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The Packers lose the season opener, and messages from Green Bay sound positively morose.

The 50" price drop *will* happen, but now that the 50"s have dropped to within the "high-end" buying publics range, there's plenty of demand for them now and so there's little incentive for manufacturers to reduce retail prices. Things have plateaued for awhile.

All it takes is one vendor attempting to compete at a significant discount to start the pricing war here. What Gateway, Akai and others have done at the 42" size will happen too at the 50". Give it till after Christmas and I bet you see nice 50"s in the 4K range.
Actually, several commercial panels allow the construction of a "video wall" by placing the plasma displays in a 2x2 or 3x3 pattern and connecting them together.

So, you see, an 84" plasma display can be yours, today, for the price of four 42 inchers!!!

---Has anyone here done that? It does sound pretty interesting---
2 x 42" plasmas doesn't equal a 84" panel. Only width is double. Although diagonal increases 81 %, you're still at a lowly 480 lines resolution, with a strange aspect ratio of 3,55:1, quite off from 2,35:1, which is the norm for cinematic movies.

With a 50" plasma, your screen area increases ~50 %, and your aspect ratio is still a usable 1,78:1.

So your thought has some merit, although it wasn't completely thought out. You need 4 panels for 84", but then you'll be bothered by the display frames and the high cost.
Mons Venus in Tampa has some type of video wall like that. The display frames running throughout the picture makes it definitely not worth it. It's one of those things that looks good in the background but no fun to watch for more than 2 minutes.
Umm, JD if you run a thin wall up to your nose, you would have succeeded in making a huge set of stereoptic goggles instead of an 84" panel.

We've seen similar threads to this before, and the consensus was that it's a waste of time for any HT applications. We'll just have to wait for the real 70" and 80" displays to come out in a few years ;)

Not only did the Packers lose the opener, they did it at HOME !
Hmm, and just what were you doing at Mons Venus young man? :)
Uhhhhhh, nothing sir :)
I saw this same type of thing on auction on ebay last week. Maybe its still on there. It came with 4 42" pannys and a special dohickey to split the signal over the 4 tvs with wall mounts and all for about 14k. And I think I saw people bidding on it.

I was thinking geez I wonder if this is going to end up in some rich guys house as part of a major HT project. I'd watch the Yankees all day on that.

Heck I would hook up my xbox and play Halo or Kotor to that thing.

Its funny to think, but 10-15 yrs from now a 84" plasma might be common thing!
Hey guys the 84" plasma title is just an example of my bad since of humor. Sorry about that. I am just in shock that the price delta between 42" models and 50" models are so great. If I were to buy a 50" plasma today it will be the Pioneer. Panasonic doesn't get price competitive. They will lose the a sale. The black level is worth about a $500.00 premium at best. IMHO. Maybe I should wall stack 4 42" inchers. I need a hack saw for the middle frames. Where did I put my hack saw? Next to my sludeg hammer. I can never find my hack saw when I need it.
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