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This is my current setup below, I've heard there may be some compatability issues between the 8500dv and Revolution 7.1 but now I can't seem to find the posts about it. with the exception of some stability issues everything works pretty good now except for audio hiss on PVR recordings. i'm looking to fix this and was looking at the revolution. not too concerned about listening to music, want to watch/record tv from sat and play DVD's with digital out. Surely somebody has a setup similar to mine. what were your results?

Thanks for your help.

Signal Source:

Dish Network 301


Case: Custom built MDF

MB: Soyo Dragon Plus with onboard C-Media sound

CPU: AMD 1.4 Athalon XP

Ram: 256MB

Input: Gyration Ultra RF Mouse + KB

HD: 120MB Maxtor

Video: ATI AIW 8500DV


Pioneer VSX-D811S (DDEX, DTS, 7.1)


SONY VPH-1252Q CRT Multiscan Front Projector


DIY Plastex Screen with black felt variable masking
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