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880 Advanced Programming?

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I just purchased the 880 and have the basic setup for all of my "activities" working smoothly . At this point, I'm trying to figure out how to solve a couple of advanced problems, and any help would be appreciated...

For clarity, I have 4 pieces of equipment...DVR, DVD, Reciever, TV...

Scenario #1--I'm watching a movie initiated by "activity"...during the movie, I want to quickly switch back to TV for a quick news update. Doing so requires a toggle of the "Input" function, which then deactivates the "activity" of watching a movie. To return to the movie, I then toggle the input again, but lose all "activity" control, and must select any future commands via the device button.... Also the reverse happens...

Scenario #2--If a movie is running and I toggle back to TV and then toggle BACK to the "Watch DVD" function, the remote interprets this in such a way as to power off, then on as if I were beginning my "activity" as opposed to RESUMING an activity.

As I'm typing this I realize that my question might be "Is there a way to toggle activities to resume an "activity", without actually restarting the activity?"

Hope this isn't too confusing. Any help is appreciated.....Thanks

BTW--So far this has been a Superb purchase, and most of the problems I've read in previous posts have not occurred (with exception to occasional slow "updates")
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I'm not sure I have a complete answer - but perhaps try playing with the options of the activities. For example, be sure to "leave on" other components when changing to a new activity, and perhaps do NOT send a "stop" signal when leaving an activity, or sending a "play" signal when starting a new activity. Maybe those can help solve the problem?
If you are in an activity and you enter "device" mode, you can return to the original activity by pressing the "device" button twice.

However, in your case it might make life easier if you add the TV's "input toggle" command to your "Watch DVD" activity. That way you could easily switch inputs without having to enter device mode at all. Just make sure you have toggled back to the correct input for DVD before you exit the activity or it will throw everything out of synch.

mweppner's suggestion will also work, but would mean extra button presses to change activities, and if you're only changing to TV briefly it's probably easier to just add the input toggle to the activity.
Thank you both for the info...I appreicate it. Okay, adding the toggle to the to the activity allows for quick switching of the inputs, and then hitting the new "destination" activity button brings the remote into the new current mode... In other words, if I'm watching a movie, than toggle to Watch TV....and decide I like whats on and want to hear it in stereo....pressing the new activity button (my case its TV in Stereo) simply changes the remote state to my new activity.

I now have a new problem. Its occuring to me that what I'm looking at are two disctinct "modes".... #1 = all components are on, but I just want to shuffle through activities. #2 = some (or all) components are OFF and need to be started in order to have the activity occur.

It seems as if I may need to create a new activity so that I have two..... "Start DVD" and also "Watch DVD". This would the same for each activity....???

Any thoughts?
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If you decide you want to keep watching the TV, you'll need to toggle the TV input back to DVD, then press the "Watch TV" activity.

If you're going to be doing a lot of shuffling between activities, you're probably better off setting all your equipment to be "always on" under power settings. This way things won't turn on and off when you change activities...only inputs etc will be changed. The "off" button will still turn all your equipment off however
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