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I thought I'd make a post just in case anyone is having the same problem I was. I have a GIGABYTE GV-NX88T512HPV1 8800GT video card that I am running into my Epson 1080UB projector through an HDMI switch (monoprice 1x4 version). When I boot up everything is fine but when I switch away - say to watch my Dish 622 receiver and then switch back to my pc I get the "no HDMI input" message from the projector. Originally I was in single monitor mode and had to reboot the pc to get the signal picture back. Now I am in clone monitor mode with a small LCD screen that I use for checking email or ripping movies when I don't want to fire up the projector.

Anyway all of the searches I did on this problem pointed to the same solution - the DVI detective from Gefen. So I ordered one but it did not work in my setup. I ordered the DVI Detective Plus because at some point I am going to Blu-Ray and I want to be able to pass the HDCP handshake. The folks at Gefen were nice but the short story is that I have spent a couple of months trying to get the DVI detective to work. They have conceded defeat (at least for now) and are happily refunding my money. So I started to look for another solution.

Since I am in dual monitor clone mode I thought it was interesting that I could go to the nVidia control panel (on the small monitor of course) and set the clone option again after I had switched back to the pc and the projector would display again. So I was pretty sure the hooks were in the nVidia software to allow this - I just needed to automate the procedure. I did some searching and came across this API guide -

nVidia API guide

In it I saw a way to automate what I was doing. I used the form:

rundll32.exe NvCpl.dll,dtcfg setview 1 clone DB DA

saved it as a batch file and put a shortcut on my pc desktop. That way I could test it with the second monitor. Everytime I ran the command the projector picture came back. So the software fix was good - I just had to make it fully automatic.

I'm running HIP to control my programs (Meedio for example) from my Harmony 880 remote so I added the new batch file into it. I then added a couple of steps into the harmony to run the batch file every time I go to my media pc activity. It works great now. I did have to play with the timing a bit. It seems that I need to switch my hdmi switch, wait 1 second (presumably for the second monitor to be detected and be a viable option) then start HIP, then wait one more second then run the batch file. All of this is easily done though in the Harmony 880 setup.

So if you have the same problem and are looking at the DVI detective and have the same or similar card you may want to take a look at the nVidia API guide and try a software solution like I did. The fix should be able to me modified to a single monitor solution as well - although I haven't tested this. Before you spend the money on something that may not work - try this out, it may be just what the doctor ordered.
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