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I have a generic 8x2 (with 1 hdmi monitor out too).

It is working flawlessly until the other day. After adding anotherr device, it worked on the one output connected. I then plugged in output #2, and immediately both tv's reported no signal.

I tried resetting the switcher, etc, nothing. Then noticed if I fiddle with the output cables it does come back, sometimes for an hour and sometimes drops out on both sets for 5-10 seconds once and a while

One of my outputs is a standard 24awg hdmi cable. The other goes to a Ethernet Balun, to the bedroom and to the rcvr, then tv. Note, there is a PS3 upstairs connected to the same rcvr without any issues, so the rcvr to tv hdmi cable is ok.

Thinking it was the switcher, I plugged our normal device into the den tv directly, it has worked for days without issue.

I plugged the second most used device into the Bdrm rcvr/tv (through baluns/ethernet cables). Now, I sometimes see static (sound is ok in the rcvr), or pink. Turning off the rcvr or unplugging hdmi will usually fix it.

So, now I am thinking that the Baluns are bad. I am thinking when it is all connected to the 8x2 switch, if either output goes bad, they both go bad. Resonable assumption?
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