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I have 9400GT connected to VSX919H-K Which connected to a projector Optoma HD200X but i have some issues. Can't get 1080P at 60hz. It will do 1080P at 50Hz.

I have it connected as so


First HDMI BD to PC

Second HDMI - HD Cable Box

Third HDMI - PS3

HDMI out - To Projector


When i try and set my pc to 1080p 60hz it won't take its fuzzy and cuts in and out the picture comes in and out. If i connect the projector right to the PC works fine at 60hz.

So the 919 seems to be doing something to the signal, Can someone confirm if they can push 1080p 60hz. 1080I at 60hz works fine.

I've tried different HDMI inputs and still the issue is there.

I have the most up to date drivers on the 9400GT.

Not sure i think its the receiver that is interfering with the output somehow
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