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Hey Guys,

As I stated in a recent thread, I just bought a NEC 9PG+ (with 9+ tubes) and am waiting for my transcoder to arrive to begin setup.

Right now I own 2 screens that I am considering using. They are both 1.0 gain matte screens. I am trying to decide which to use. They are both 2.0AR(because I run constant area). One is 15sq ft and the other is 25sq ft. Of course, I want the largest screen possible. The 25sq ft screen actually fits my throw distance better.

My dilema: I am concerned about ftL. 15 ftL is my target for 100IRE window.How many ANSI lumens will the 9PG+ produce at a reasonble contrast setting? 375 ANSI lumens will alow 15ftL on the larger screen and 225 ANSI lumens will allow 15ftL on the smaller screen.

Secondly, what is ANSI contrast ratio of the 9PG+?

Thanks everyone!!
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Go with the 25 ft one, that will be OK. Just make sure you have a HT enviroment.

25 square feet is what, 7ft wide or so?

lets see that is just over 2 metres wide, so about as wide as you would want to go on a PG and still get a bright sceen.

No idea of ft lamberts, but my screen is 2.1m wide and is nice and bright on just white paint (Rosco fluorescent white).

Don't know about the AnsiCR either, but throw a bright image against black and my inky blacks get raised up to digital style greys.
I think you better lower your expectations to about 7 ftL - which is fine BTW, just turn the lights off and paint the room dark.

ANSI contrast and Lumen ratings are a load of bollocks, your PG will be fine on a 2.1m wide screen - go nuts.
Thanks guys!!!

I should have listed the screen sizes to make it easier.

My small screen is 70.5 x 35 viewable area.

My big screen is 94 x 45 viewable area.

Thanks for the advice. I do have light control, but can't paint the walls. The walls, along with the carpet and ceiling, are very light in color.

I guess I'll opt for the smaller screen because I would like some punch, but dont want to overdrive the pj to get it.

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Bah, drive it really hard and buy another - they are getting cheaper and cheaper :)
That's tempting. For what I payed for this I am serious. Tubes are all 9+, no wear at all. NONE.

I thought about going to the larger screen and bumping the contrast up. I seldom watch it and if I could get 2000 color balanced hours out of it, I would be happy.

OTOH, if I keep it a reasonable contrast, then maybe in 4 or 5 yrs I can buy a 9"LC for pennies on the dollar. With the tubes like they are, I can get 4k-5k hrs before I would even have to think about a tube change/new pj if I set it up properly.

if you want a really good picture in terms of little blooming and good gamma and greyscale you'll have to go with the smaller screen.

15 ft-lambert with the bigger screen is impossible, even 10 would be a stretch, the small screen should give you close to 15 ft-lambert though.

There is another consideration: With maximized raster you might have trouble in optically focussing your projector as good as on the bigger screen as you are at the lower end of the focussing range of the lenses.

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Thanks Oliver.

Very good news to hear that the smaller screen will allow me close to my target of 15 ftL.

OTOH, I am very concerned now about what you mention about the difficulties focusing on the smaller screens. I've been following Gary's thread with his XG.

I am hoping that I won't have the same problems because I won't completely max my raster. I'm going to setup at the 7% number that curt recommends. I think Gary said he set his up at 15%.

Do you think that the less aggressive raster setup will allow me better focus?

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I would recommend to mount the projector on the floor and just experiment a bit.

7% nearer than factory is beneficial of course, but you would have to try for yourself.

A good test would be to just try and focus the green tubes on the smaller and on the larger screen size - this will give you an idea what can be achieved.

I once tried to max out a PG extra on a roughly 65" wide area and the focus did not work out at all, 90" wide at a sub 110" distance was fine.
I got my transcoder in the mail today so i'll begin setup tonight. :)

However, I noticed on my VGA breakout cable that I got with the pj, that about 4 of the 15 pins are missing. I suspect they were broken off somehow.

My only experience with VGA cables is with pc monitors as I come from digitals and am only familar with HDMI, DVI, component, ect.....

My question, then, will this cable still transmit properly or are all 15 pins necessary?

I know this is probably a dumb question, but please help.

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The missing pins are not a problem - many connectors are like this as several pins are unused. It's VERY unlikely that 4 pins have broken, but it should be obvious by looking at it.
Thanks Chris!!!!!
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