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A-2 vs A-35 Upconversion question

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I have a question about the upconversion of the A-35. I am currently using the A-2 for upconverting on a 50" Rear projection 1080i/720p television. Seeing how drastically the prices have dipped for the A-35 I want to know if the upconversion is a big step up from the A-2 or is it only a minor difference? If there is a big difference would I notice it on a 1080i/720p television or would I need a television that can do 1080p?

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This is probably a better question for the hardware side of the forum. From looking there on a regular basis, I'll say you'll probably get mixed reviews. I have an A2 as well with a 720p display and I couldn't be happier.
Hardware section has a nice thread on A3 vs a30
Sorry I posted in wrong area! I usually don't do that! That is probably why the search function found nothing in this area. Ha!

I just popped into the A-3 vs A-30 thread and found no useful information comparing the upconversion.
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