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A 3d Newbie's Review of the 3D Video Wizard

3D virgin here, save a couple of IMAX movies.

Out of curiousity I purchased the 3D Video Wizard. Picked it up as a toy. This is not going to replace a $2000 3D TV. As expected, ended up with a mixed result.

Inside of the box:

The Wizard Controller Box (2 HDMI Inputs, 1 HDMI Output, AC, USB jack for firmware upgrades, buttons for source and mode)

Remote Control

HDMI Cable

(2) Blue/Amber 3D glasses

My rig is as follows: Three year old 50 inch Insignia Plasma 2D TV, DirecTV, Xbox 360, Playstation 3. Onkyo Reciever. Xbox used to plug directly to the TV via HDMI. DirecTV and PS3 plugged into Reciever then TV via HDMI. The 3D Video Wizard has the two HDMI inputs, so I was able to have available all three sources.

I was able to test the 2D to 3D and HSBS (half side by side).

The bad: -No surprise... 2d to 3D does not work. From what I have read, I do not know why any company even tries. How is the box supposed to know what is foreground and what is background. Just a jumbled mess. Fail.

-The lenses in the glasses are dark (more on that later)

-The colors on the screen are a little odd because of the glasses (more on that later)

The Good: -$90 from J&R Music World. Don't pay any more. Plenty of places sell at this price point. I have seen used as low as $65 used on-line from people that probably expected flawless 3D.

-For HSBS it actually works! The 3D is better in some movies that others. It goes to the original 3D effect. I tested 21 mkv and mpg movies, DirectTV 3D channels and COD: Black Ops. The best 3D for movies was Drive Angry. I could not believe my eyes. Impressive. ESPN3D intentionally uses non-traditional angles for 3D effect. Too gimicky. For American football, I like the traditional sideline angle. Not 3/4 looking down the field. Black Ops looks amazing! 3D so good it makes you get a little nauseous at first.

-According to my TV, it pumps out in 1080p.

-Remote is easy to use for adjusting 2D/3D settings.

-Glasses are actually quite sturdy.

For the issues of darkness and color, there is a simple solution: Adjust the settings on your TV. I have read reviews that bashed this because the screen was too dark. I adjusted the "User mode" on the TV and kicked up the brightness and adjusted the hue. This made a significant difference.

Note: my wife and two of my three kids are very picky. They will not use this because the quality is not perfect. My son and I use it for movies and Black Ops. We started to test Drive Angry and quick had to turn it off early because of an inappropriate scene.

Of course, the closer you sit, the better the effects.

I did not try Dances with Navii. Hate that movie!

Overall, it is worth the $90. As stated earlier, it will not replace a real 3D TV. However, it does the job for what it is.

Signing off,

Mike Horaney

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Anyone know if it is better to turn off the 3d video wizard when not in use or does it even matter. I noticed it gets warm when it is on after a while so I would think it would be better to turn it off when not in play.
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