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New at this (this = HTPC to HTDV, but I believe I have a bad 9A60 VGA to Component Transcoder.

Can someone verify my findings with some opinions?


Nvidia Geforce 5500 (72.14 Force Ware MCE Drivers.)

Audio Authority 9A60 VGA to Comp. Transcoder

Power Strip 3.X

Hitachi 53UWX10B

CRT Monitor hooked up.

Powestrip Custom Res. set to 640x480P

Display Adapter accepts new, and I choose to change to the new resolution.

I am in 640x480P (i believe its progressive, but not sure b.c predefined powerstrip res's just show up as 640x480. (without any distinguishing info in parenthesis)

Shut down PC.

Hook up transcoder to supplied VGA cable to Component to HD Set. Plug in 9a60 PSW.

Turn on PC.

Black Screen on HD. If i plug and unplug the component cables form the TV, there is some blinks displayed on the tv, as if its trying real hard to recieve a signal, but nothing comes up. I have tried the input setting on the TV setup to receive both 540p and 1080I, but I am not even sure if that makes a difference just yet. I cant even get it to display in 640x480.

If i hook up via svideo from my geforce to the set, no problems displaying.

Do i have a bad 9A60?

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