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A "Cedia" Low-Voltage Initiative Proposal
Author: Grayson Evans
I propose that our industry initiate a new way to wire electrical distribution for the home by providing low voltage outlets where electronic equipment is likely to be located in the home, especially A/V equipment.

Somewhere in the mid 1980's, the NAHB Research Center in Washington was run by a guy I knew (whose name I can't seem to dig up) who had a wacky vision. His idea was to reinvent the way electrical power was distributed throughout the home.

It worked something like this. Electrical power was distributed from a central power server in the house to each outlet. A Smart Home compliant appliance that plugged into the outlet (using a new 4 contact plug2 pins for power, 2 for data), would signal the power server that it was Smart Home compliant and that it needed so-and-so amount of power at 120 volts A.C. for example. Or it might say it needed 30 watts at 12V D.C. The power server would then energize the outlet with the correct power and monitor the current draw. If the draw was exceeded, or went to zero, power was immediately removed.

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