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A couple more Z1 tweak/calibration questions...

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I notice that it looks like each input has it's own set of service menu settings. I have tweaked my bias and gains for the component input. Would it be okay to use those settings for the S-video?

Also, after reading some posts about people seeing scan lines on the Z1, I have started to notice them too. The thing is, is that I think I was seeing them all along. I have heard of people referring to "peek-a-boo" screendoor. I have always seen scan screendoor lines suddenly appear on certain scenes, but didn't really notice which type of scenes triggered them. I have recently noticed that white credits scrolling up the screen aren't as smooth as they used to be, and are now broken up into thin horizontal lines. Am I crazy? Is it normal for white credits scrolling up a black screen to maintin their solid look (as if not moving), or should I see the lines?

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I started noticing these lines over the last 2 weeks. They are driving me crazy. I don't remember seeing these all the time. I have changed factory menu item #6 to 49 and 50 (from 48) and they disappear. Unfortunately, I get an effect similar to burn-in when switching from 4x3 to 16x9. There is definitely a border where the 4x3 picture was. I have not been able to get rid of these lines through any other means. I have tried calling Sanyo to ask them about it but I have to leave a message and nobody returns my call!! I have posted a few times asking for help on this but nobody has replied. Let me know if you find a solution. These lines have significantly decreased my level of enjoyment of my z1. They are extremely distracting


The fine french language Z1 site "Home Cinéma Screenshots" has the factory settings HERE in excel format.

Have you tried resetting all service settings to the factory originals?

Hope this helps as I know how you feel. I tried adjusting skin tones to my satisfaction with some alarming results and was able to return to "normalcy" this way and have since had good (and safer) results using filters...
I notice that it looks like each input has it's own set of service menu settings. I have tweaked my bias and gains for the component input. Would it be okay to use those settings for the S-video?
Are you sure about this? And how do you know which is which? Steve Smallcombe once said that everything you needed to calibrate/tweak the Z1 was in the first 12 settings. This leads me to believe that you probably have one set (3 bias, 3 gain) for 'video' type inputs, and one set for 'computer' input. It looks like the bias is in the first 6 settings, and the gain is the next 6. Unfortunately, I don't have a Z1 to play with (hope to soon) so I cannot confirm this.

When I first got the pj back in december I never saw any scanlines or anything like that. Then earlier in this year around say March I started seeing them. Then a little while after that they went away. Same with vertical banding. There was a point where VB was quite bad but not now. Weird.

The only thing wrong with the image now is the damn colour uniformity issue and even that has changed over time. Used to be top left and botton right corners being green and top right/bottom left being purple. Now the a little bit of the whole left side is purple and the right side doesn't have much problems. The very top of the left corner is a little green. Again, weird.

Overall though, the colour uniformity issue is better now than it was.

I'm at like 990 hours on the bulb.

I always write down my original values so I was able to reset the factory numbers to the default setting.

Changing Factory #6 from 48 to 49 caused flickering (which was almost corrected by service menu 13-1)5 and changing it to 50 caused the picture to become green. I was able to adjust values to improve the picture quality. The image was awesome. Very smooth picture. I did see slight vertical banding on this setting. When watching 16 x 9 image, I noticed the area outside of the 4x3 area was darker than the 4x3 area. It really looked like burn-in. I currently have 400 hrs on the projector.

Like rlindo, I never had horizontal lines until the last 3 weeks. I hope they spontaneously go away because it is driving me crazy!!
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