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It is a decade ago today that I start my HD life. Actually I bought my very first HDDVD discs back in mid 2007 but not until Christmas did I managed to buy a Vista PC that came equipped with a LG BD/HDDVD drive and PDVD 7 to enjoy my movies....sort of. Software players those days are buggy and no HD audio bitstream until years later.

I still remember paying 2 for $50 for my first 4 HDDVDs. That is about the same price as normal DVD back then. 2 Fast 2 Furious is my favorite so that was one reason I go HDDVD, along with FF, KK and BI. I got crazy and start buying all HDDVD I can laid my hands on during the fire sale. Sometimes double even triple on one title, and end up collecting over 700 discs. More than 90% are still shrink wrap I believe.

Fast forward ten years, now people can buy 2 UHD + BD for $40. How time flies. I still own 3 standalone players, 2 XBOX HDDVD Addons, 4 LG BD/HDDVD Drives, 5 portable Toshiba HDDVD rom. I bet I am well prepared for the love of my life. :)
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