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First of all, the last time I assembled a PC was a very long time ago when pentium 130 was da CPU, so a total newbie here.

I am wondering if one can assemble a HTPC that can fulfill the following task:

1. To replace HD-DVR

Any good tuner+software out here? What if one uses a cable/sat box?

2. To act as the BluRay/HDDVD player recorder.

LG makes a BlueRay/HDDVD drive, so this part ought to be doable? But what about the audio signal? And what about audio/video via HDMI?

3. To act as the HDMI switch

Multiple In and out would be nice, anyone makes such a card?

4. To act as Pre-Amp of a AVR

Ideally, a sound card that can process all the latest Dolby+DTS signals and provide 7 pre-out for power amp. Would performance of PC based sound card be inferior to an average AVR?

Thanks for helping.

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You might have a look at the MSI MEdia Live Diva board with the 5.1 AMP THX Ultra2 (based on the Embedded D2Audio DAE3 Pure digital Amplifier ). See also this tread . It will come pretty close to your requirements.

It will replace my (I am still waiting on this board from the US):

HD satellite receiver (Kathrein UFS-920)

DVD player (Pioneer DVD 454)

Receiver (Pioneer DVD-2011)

I will add a LG Blue Ray player. So this HTPC will do:

-DVD, HD-DVD, Blue Ray

- Satelite TV (including HD)

- 5.1 AMP
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