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A few pics of my theater in construction.

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I have been lurking around here for about 8 months or so and wanted say thanks to everyone. If not for all the questions that have been asked and answered....my theater would still be a dream. My theater is about three months in the making, but then again, I am remodeling my entire house.

Actually, I had to jack up the house and excavate the room and lobby....talk about work!!! Argh! I have added smaller home theaters setups through out the entire house including both Kitchens.... I included a small pic of my upstairs kitchen that will have a plasma between the range and hood.

You will notice a recurring baroque crest in the theater.....what is not shown is that the main vault door will have the crest laser cut for handle/knob. Also the carpet is being milled with the same crest and the marble (for lobby) and glass has been blasted with the same design. Oh yeah....seats will also be upholstered with it in the backrest. I wanted to make things fairly busy so that all focus goes forward to the screen.

am working on more updated pics as these are over 2 weeks old.

This is my first post so I do not know how to use the gallery....and cannot link sites....


but the pics are here.....

thanks again!
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Whoa. That is going be a beautiful theater just from the details you have shown already! Definitely keep us posted on your progress!
I like it.

Where did you get your fabric and is it acoustic?
What's this? A vault door? :D:D:D
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