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A few PS3 questions..

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I might be selling my 60GB launch unit due to bluetooth issues and replacing it with either a new 40GB or 80GB (in black, I don't like the look of the upcoming white units). My questions:

1. I'd really like to maintain the ability to play SACDs which rules out the 40GB model. However, I do like the newer chipset available in the 40GB model. Are there any 80GB models out there which feature the new chipset or might any be available soon?

2. On the 360 there are ways you can check the box to determine whether you got a Falcon unit (realizing that the jury is still out on the reliability of those systems). Is there any way to check the box of PS3's for the newer chipsets of the 40GB units or do they all have them (ditto for the 80Gb units)?

3. I'm trying to import music on to my PS3 HDD. My folder structure from my USB stick looks like this:

PS3 -> MUSIC -> Rock -> Foo Fighters -> One By One -> (indivdiual song files)

When I load the music onto the PS3, it looks like this:

Rock -> (individual song files from the Foo Fighters)

I tried using the "create playlist" function to make it more to my liking but I seem to only be able to sort the music according to the first file (i.e., I can't sort the first file according to genre, the second according to artist, the third according to album, and the fourth according to song).

Are we unable to create multiple folders for music? I have about 30GB of music I'd like to put on my unit and I would very much like to retain my folder structure.

Any input you could offer is much appreciated!
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The whole reason the 40gb doesnt have SACD support is because of the chipset. Putting a 40gb chipset into an 80gb would remove it.

All 40gb systems have the 65nm chips. All the 80gb do not. There is no crossover at this time.

I can't answer the 3rd question.

But before you go ahead and sell your 60 I would recommend trying a new controller. A lot of people here on AVS have said that switching to a dual shock 3 eliminated their BT problems. A Dual Shock 3 can be imported now, its coming here soon.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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