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I finally have my Zenith 60" plasma. Now I'm itching to complete the system. A few questions that I hope you guys can help with:

1. I think I want to wait for the Sony HD-300, but I want HDTV NOW! what is the cheapest one anyone can recommend in the mean time? Price is more important than quality as it will be a door stop once I get the HD-300.

2. I had decided upon the Denon 3803 receiver for a number of reasons. The most important being Zone 2 S-Video. Now I am realizing that with a DVD, the HD-SAT and a HTPC I would really like something with 3 Component Inputs. I was gonna run the PC direct to the 15 pin on the Plasma, but it may make for a better system to have ALL things switched on the receiver. Any advice on this subject? Which receiver can I get with 3 Component Ins, Zone 2 S-Video and not get (too much) more $$ than the budgetted 3803 which I can get for $925.

3. Power Conditioner?? MonsterPower HTS 2600 ??

Here is my complete list of components:

Receiver (Denon 3803???)

M&K Speakers 4 K15, 1 K17, 1 K10 Sub

HD-SAT (Sony HD-300) & Terrestrial on rotor

SAT (Sony 2nd Gen B2 I think)

Sony Progessive Scan DVD Player

VHS Player (don't know model yet)

Marantz RC-9200 Remote

HTPC - MonarchComputer Hornet (ATI-aIW-9800)

Display - Zenith P60W26-P

Replay TV 6060

Is the 2600 Overkill?? Underkill? At $350 not bad. If I need to spend more, I can, but only if necessary.

4. RF Keyboard/Mouse/Touchpad??

Anyone have a recommendation?? I want to be able to comfortably use the 'mouse' while sitting in the recliner.

Sorry for the duplicate posts, but I figure it was best to submit this to all the sections that applied to it.

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