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I am currently in the process of purchasing a soundbar and moving my home theater around a bit. My television is going above the fireplace and all components will be in a closet across the room. I currently have my ceiling tore up due to remodelling, so I am going to run a few wires in there to the closet before it is complete.

I plan on having a Blu Ray player and Cable box in the closet. I am going to run 2 HDMI cables in the ceiling to the spot where the TV is going to be. I plan on buying a soundbar for my audio, but have a few questions about using it with my setup.

If I have the 2 HDMI cables going into the TV, and then have the audio out from the TV go to the soundbar, will I lose audio quality by going through the TV? I dont have much choice but would like to know what impacts I could have. The TV is LG 47LH50.

Also, If the audio source is not 5.1, will the soundbar still try to simulate the surround like a receiver can, or will it act just like stereo speakers?

If I do opt for a receiver, what brands have good HDMI video pass through? I tried it on another receiver and it dimished the quality enough to make me hate it.

Thanks for the help.
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