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A Harmony One Replacement

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My Harmony One finally bit the dust. Actually one of the kids stepped on it and killed it.

What's the closest replacement by Logitech. From their web site it appears like the Harmony 950 is comparable. Would like to stick with Logitech brand with a touch screen. Am I on the right track?
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The 665 is actually the most similar. But the 950 is the model that actually replaced the One. However it's quite a bit different. If you're ok with the price tag, the larger screen and lack of physical num keys, the 950 would certainly be a nice upgrade. The 665 would be more of a parallel move, or slight step down due to the smaller, non-touch screen.

Probably not a great idea to stick with Logitech long term since they have discontinued the entire Harmony line and are only in a support/maintenance role from here on out.
Thank you for the feedback. I had not realized that Logitech was discontinuing the line. I did a few searches and they it appeared that they were getting more difficult to find, but since everything else is hard to find these days I didn't think much about it.

Does anyone have any thoughts on what other remote brands might have similar functionality that I should look into?
I have the Elite, which is the 950 with the Hub. I really like it. I've had the One, the Ulimtate, and the Elite. And this Elite is my favorite one I've had. It does remind me a lot of the One.

Yes, they are sadly going away, and I don't think there's a comparable replacement. And I think the remaining Harmony's are hadrd to find and/or expensive. :(
I've replaced the Harmony One a few times with decent condition ones on eBay. I haven't found a great replacement since the Harmony One just works in my system. I have 2 left in case my current one dies.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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