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Hi – I have probably a silly question. I’ve been doing outdoor movies forever, but with inherited equipment. Now that I’m upgrading, I am surprised by what I don’t know. Which brought me here.

But I am buying a new projector (most likely an Optoma HD141X). Previously, I’d run it off a PS3, via composite red/white/yellow cables. I will be using HDMI on the new projector. Previously, I’d used an Alesis portable guitar amp for audio (again, run off red/white cables).

My question now is – can I still use this amp if I am running HDMI to the projector? Put another way – if I go HDMI from PS3 to projector, for the audio do I want to go the green audio out on the projector (what is this type called) to the current composite input on the amp? Can I do this? Is there an adaptor?

Let me know if I am going about this the wrong way.

Thanks everyone!
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