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A label friendly DVD player

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I have a Daewoo DVD-5800 that is freezing on some DVD-R discs that play perfectly in other models of DVD players. I have spotted a possible replacement. Its a Sony DVP-NS725P that can play DVD-R/RW and DVD+R/RW. Since I have a Plextor 708A burner, I can generate all those flavors of DVD.

The problem is that the Daewoo is limited in media acceptance and does not like adhesive labels on DVDs, which I prefer to use. The Sony states that it has a mechanism to evade the problem of warpage (eg. wobble).


"Precision Driveâ„¢ 2 System - Past generations of Precision Drive were only able to compensate for warped discs by moving the entire optical block, which took more time and limited the amount of correction possible. Sony's new Precision Driveâ„¢ 2 system simplifies the process by moving the lens-instead of the entire optical block-for faster and more accurate error correction."


Please note that the TV set is an oldie 26" Mitsubisha and Progressive Scan is not needed, just a good interlaced video and a drive mechanism to accept lots of different DVD blanks and labeled media. Also, the MSRP price is $130, very reasonable.

Any recommendations for Sony DVP-NS725P or a Pioneer model in same price range?

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Latoka just tried one and didn't like it. Serch on his name for the thread.
If the problem you're trying to get around is paper labels, my personal thheory, based on a lot of experimatation, is that it's all about temperature. Some players run very hot inside and some don't. With the former, DVD-Rs with paper labels seem to play fine for about 15-30 minutes and then hang, presumably because the heating of the disc/label combo throws something out of wack. (The same discs, before having a label applied, play fine.)

I've used paper labels with no problem in my Panny XP-50, CP-72 and E-100. I've had no end of grief with labels in a low-profile JVC that gets very hot inside.
Don't use paper labels. Period. There are many reports about unbalanced CD explods inside high speed PC CD/DVD drives. If you have to have label on your disc, buy the new Epson printer that can print directly on to the surface of the disc. Most consumer DVD players should not have too much trouble because they usually use low speed drive(save $).
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