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I'm wanting to try a vented cabinet for a sub that is said to not be the best for vented cabinets. I have an AV15-h in 4 cubes sealed and i do like it, but I want to try a ported cabinet for fun. I have been playing with a winisd app that I downloaded and things look way wrong. I have it modeled in a 3.6 cu ft box tuned to 20 hz, even with slot port with more surface area than an 8 in diameter port it's telling me port velocity is 41.5 ft/s at 20hz. That seems really high! Hmm

What I'm going for is a slot ported box, around 3 to 3.75 cubes tuned to 20-22hz. I'm not in for the super low tuning as with a single 15 I find it a little pointless. If I had more drivers to add to the sub-sub frequencies then it count. Sadly my wife made me promise her 1 sub only (hey she's letting me build a pair of full size statements).

Can it be done? If needed i can step up to like 4 cubes. Ideas, help? I did passives in 7 cubes but had to dismantle and i ended up selling the passives. Not wanting to go the passive route again.


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