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A newbie steps into the fold

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Hi guys


Looking for some good advice which is why I joined as the community is mature enough to give some solid sound information.


Right ass kissing done.


I am In the process of running wires throughout my home adhoc style (I don't really know what im doing) as budget and time allows as this is a busy household.


So far I have run x4 cat6 cables to the upstairs. 2 go to my office/guest room and 2 goto the master bedroom.


Now my original plan in my head was to run the 2 cables to the MB for streaming hdmi over Ethernet. Where I have run the cables to is an understairs cupboard which will contain a rack with a switch and I plan to add things as I go such as xbox one, sonos and all the audio cables for my home cinema which will be in the living area.


Question is should I go the route of HDMI cables or should I invest in a HDMI over cat6 matrix HDBaseT? The run to the rooms should be no more than 20m and a lot less for the living area.


In the future we plan an extension to the kitchen which will bring the house together into one larger area so this is simply a hotfix to trial things out for now. I hope to have a full dedicated rack area like I've seen on these forums.


Im just stuck at a midpoint now as i'd like to try hdmi extenders see if they work but then I also should possibly run HDMI also?


Not sure on the next steps


Please help me before I go nuts.


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Ive been researching HDbaseT it sounds like a wonderful technology im hoping to adapt to it when it becomes mainstream as currently the expense outweighs the use for me.


I am thinking of a 4x4 hdmi matrix over cat6 with a single HDbaseT port. It comes in within a fair budget and allows me to trial the tech behind it.


Does anyone know if it will pass the usual sound over to an amplifier DTS MA etc?


Only situation I think I may come across is how many cat6 baluns im going to be running.


Plus they will go into a patch panel which I have heard is a no no?
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