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A processor to catch me up to 2004?

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I'm looking to upgrade my Lexicon DC-1, and bring my system all the way up to........2004! I don't need no stinkin HDMI or DVI switching. Need to be able to switch 3 component HD feeds. This unit will control a 7.1 channel basement Home Theater. Other components include Older Carver THX amps, 53" Pioneer HD RPTV, (2) HSU 1220 subs. Room is 14x24, carpeted. I liked the "vocal enhance" feature on the DC-1, and the ability to set speaker size, but the sub crossover was fixed at 80HZ, and my custom built speakers with Vifa drivers are good down to 60 HZ. This unit will be used 95% for movies. After some reading, this is the list I have come up with:

Anthem AVM 30

Arcam AVP700

B&K Ref 50

Sherwood Newcastle P965 (or Outlaw 990)

Sunfire Grand IV

Should I be thinking of others? Once the smoke clears on HDMI, DD+, etc, I will upgrade this unit (18 months), so some resale value might be nice. I'd like to keep it below $2K, but would be thrilled to spend less (and pick up a 2nd generation HD-DVD player with the difference) Opinions, thoughts? Thanks guys!
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I found a Sherwood Newcastle with SNAP and most recent Firmware for $725, so I had to pull the trigger :D

Looking forward to all the changes in the next year and an eventual upgrade to the newest formats.

Checkout the Parasound Halo C2 I would add that to your short list.

Also the Emotiva DMC-1 should be mentioned.

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