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A Quick Thank You

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I've been reading theads on this site for about a year now trying to learn as much as I can about AV systems. I just wanted to say thanks for all of the information presented here. It helped immensely.

My purchase was delayed for 6 months due to the wife's temporary under-employment. I finally pulled the trigger this weekend on a new Panny 55GT30, Onkyo TX-NR609 receiver along with a 10" sub and new center channel speakers. The first movie we watched was 'Dark Knight'. Right after the hospital explosion my son in law summed it up best when he said "WOW". My only regret is not getting the 65". That decision was not about room size or wifey factor. Plain and simple my pockets just weren't that deep. Maybe in a couple of years I'll upgrade but right now I'm just amazed at the system I own.

The tv this replaced was a 37" CRT and a 20 year old Onkyo surround sound system. I'm still using my DCM TF600's and Bose 21 main speakers. Next thing I think want to add are front high speakers and an HTPC so it's back to reading.

Again, thanks for all of the help.

Bill Wilcox
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Congrats to Ya, but in the name of all: you just can't get away without showing pictures of your setup! This thread is all about pictures, pictures, pictures,...and pictures!!!!!!!
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Welcome to the forum.


I think that's the reaction we're all after. If you've found that, you're well on your way to the Holy Grail of AVS nirvana.

It's all upwards from there.

Please continue to enjoy your system.


PS. As Feri mentioned, pics are mandatory!
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Those TF600's are incredible. I just sold a set with a pair of 350 and a Surroundscape. The only reason I sold the set was to do height. DCM never made a "small" TF.

I somewhat regret selling them. Just like I regret not having my rust bucket 66 Mustang I had from 1979-1983 when it was "just a used car".
Yeap, a big screen makes all the difference. I feel ya though, I am itching for a larger set as well A 65" would be perfect. It never ends...

Here are a few pics of my project. Please excuse the mess I'm doing much more than just replacing a tv. I just received a set of klipsh s20's that I'm going to install as highs. In the near future I plan on replacing my surrounds which will go into my workshop along with the old receiver.

Once I get the highs placed I'm going to fish the cables through the walls, re-install the molding, patch and paint the room and buy new furniture. The satellite company installs their equipment on the 30th. I'm really looking forward to getting HD, especially the 3d channel they have.

My financial responsibility of being a father is finally coming to a close so the wife and I are spending my kids inheritance on furniture, HT, and bicycles. Time to enjoy ourselves a little before we get to old.

Last weekend the wife and I watched Avatar in 3d. I've always had a difficult time getting her to sit through an entire movie. She's way to hyper for her own good. At first she was a bit resistant but all through the movie she was giggling and wowing and never got off the couch. That in itself was worth the investment.

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I have a quick question about surround speakers. I'm considering Klipsh B-20's, S-20's and RS-42. I have the S-20's for highs but they aren't installed yet. I don't have the opportunity to hear any of them in person before buying. Which set would be the better match for my system?
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