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I've been trying to dial in a few custom resolutions for my G70. Amongst them, I'd like:

[email protected] (for my old 4x3 PAL stuff)

[email protected] (BD @ 25fps)

[email protected] (BD @ 24fps)

I've been trying the get some timings into PowerStrip as suggested on this forum. EG:

Freq.H = 53.946KHz

Sync.V = 47.952Hz

Pixel rate = 118.681MHz

Syncs = H+/V+



Porchs values :








I have two problems:

1/ Powerstrip keeps subtly changing the horizontal values as soon a I tab to the next box (typically 44 changes to 40 and 148 to 152 or something like).

2/ if I do actually get PowerStrip to keep the setting I want, if I then try to add the 50Khz custom resolution, it insists on replacing my 48 res!

How can I get it to add the two custom resolutions as separate ones, keeping the values I enter?

This is probably a dumb question but please forgive a PS noob.


Windows XP 32 bit, NVidia Quadro FX 3400, Sony G70 via RGBHV.

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I think I've found the answer:

PowerStrip follows the example of Matrox's venerable PowerDesk when it comes to custom timings: for each resolution, only one custom timing is allowed and it is either enabled or disabled.

However, if you want to switch among multiple timings for a single resolution you can do so by accessing the PowerStrip developers' API via standard Windows shortcuts and the command-line. Here's how*:

1. PowerStrip menu > Display profiles > Configure

2. Switch to the resolution you want to customize (if necessary)

3. Click "Advanced timing options"

4. Adjust timing parameters as needed

5. Click "Apply" button, and then click the "Copy" (to clipboard) button

6. Open Notepad and paste the timing from the clipboard - Edit menu > Paste

7. Create a Windows shortcut to PowerStrip, by reight-clicking anywhere on the Windows desktop > New > Shortcut

8. When the "Create shortcut" dialog box appears, click Browse and point Windows to the pstrip.exe file on your HDD

9. After the shortcut is created, right-click the shortcut on your desktop and select "Properties"

10. Append to the "Target" field the command-line parameter "/T:", followed by the PowerStrip timing parameters from Notepad, e.g.,

C:\\ Program Files\\PowerStrip\\PStrip.exe /T:1280,77,144,259,1024,4,3,54,181575,338

Repeat steps 4 thru 10 for as many timings as needed.

Note: The executable file name (with or without path) goes *inside* quotation marks, and parameters follow w/o quotes, e.g.,

"C:\\ Program Files\\PowerStrip\\PStrip.exe" /T:1360,104,120,216,1024,1,3,32,137250,340


Beginning with PowerStrip 3.42, a right-click on the copy-to-clipboard speed button in Advanced timing options will give you the option of creating a shortcut on your desktop with the correct timimg paramters, so you don't have to mess with the instructions above. (This is the small icon/button immediately to the right of the Apply button.)
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