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A hopefully simple question.

Current set up:

- Living Room - AT&T cable and IR-connected (IR blaster) Tivo

- Bedroom - AT&T cable

New setup:

- Living Room - Hughes E86 for HDTV

- Bedroom - Hughes GCEBO and serial-connected Tivo

The Problem:

I generally use Tivo in the LR, but having it accessible in both locations will be nice. I will need to split the signal in the bedroom and get one side to the LR.

These seem to be the options:

- Run a cable from bedroom to LR (having a hard time finding someone to do a single cable run)

- Distribute signal through the phone line (the accessible jack in the LR is via an RCA phone-jack extender. Will this work?)

- Wireless (I have a 5 PC wireless lan and 2.4 g phone system. Interference?)

Any thoughts/opinions would be greatly appreciated!

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Not open for further replies.