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I think I live in one of the best areas for HD radio, Washington DC. With a simple table top HD receiver, I can listen to these HD stations on FM:

88.5- public radio with 3 multicasts, talk, alternative rock, and blues and bluegrass. Strong signal

94.7- classic rock with 2 multicasts, both classic rock format. The HD2 broadcast features sightly more obscure music such as live recordings. strong signal

100.3- classic rock and oldies, 2 multicasts. The HD2 features music from the '50s and '60s. strong signal

97.1- soft rock, from all periods, middle of the road. 2 multicasts. The HD2 station is excellent, with "beautiful music" from the '50s and '60s like Sinatra, Dean Martin, Doris Day, and Henry Mancini. I can only pick this up consistently with an outdoor wire antenna.

107.3- Top 40. Strong signal

103.5- News and information, the HD2 features classical music. Strong signal.

107.7- Washington Post radio- talk and informaton, does not always broadcast in HD.

101.1- Modern rock 2 multicasts, both modern alternative rock like Green Day, RHCP. Possibly the weakest signal of all, very inconsistent on the HD2 channel.

Please note that there are many more HD FM stations that I don't listen to like country stations, classical music, "smooth jazz," and urban hip hop. But these stations come in very clearly; there are about 10 more HD stations available that I don't listen to because their programming is not to my taste.

On AM, there is 570, a news, talk and information format. I can get this signal at about 33 DB during the daytime. There is another sports radio AM HD station but I am not so inclined.

It is a pleasure to receive digital signals as well as analog. It is very fun to scroll through the stations and listen to the digital programs that the analog public cannot recieve. My biggest complaint is about the weaker HD signals which the receiver struggles to receive, resulting in silence.
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