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A shot in the dark

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As I posted in another thread awhile ago, I currently have to run the output from my Explorer 2000 through a vcr to "synch" the signal to get my Showstopper to work correctly. Without that I get the no video signal screen in fits and starts. Three questions for anyone willing/able to shoot me an answer or suggestion:

1) Is it possible that 3.0 may help fix this issue?

2) Would it be worth an attempt to try using my Pioneer A/V Receiver to massage the signal allowing me to use the vcr for archiving or would this be pointless as the A/V is obviously not a vcr and would do nothing but pass it through?

3) Is there anyone else out there using Astound cable service either successfully/unsucessfully that I might use to understand if this is a cable company signal problem or a problem specific to my house/setup? Or anyone aware if Replay can lookup a specific cable company to find if there are other users and if they have had reported problems? I know this would not be practical with most cable providers but mine is a relatively new provider and has a limited service area only in small parts of Minnesota, California and Colorado.

I LOVE my unit despite this problem but would really like to be able to get it working correctly so I'd have full functionality. I successfully entered the Tivo giveaway and currently have it in a back bedroom taping only those things I know I want to archive. And no, I have given no consideration to making the Tivo my main unit. It's just not a Replay! :)


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1) you should be very happy in that regard.

2) Wait until you get an answer to #1


-=- Glenn -=-
Thanks Riker!

Just one more reason to impatiently await 3.0!
Just a note -- I use an Explorer 2000 with Time Warner cabl;e service -- and other than some remote tuning problems (needed to force 3 digits to be sent to the remote and increase the delay time a teensy bit) I have had no problems with it -- don't think it's the box -- think it is the cable provider

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