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First I'd like to thank everybody for their time. I've done a ton of research and I'm pretty sure I've narrowed my "need" down, I even thought I had a solution.

So, I have 2 zones that I'd like to use airplay for (same song/airplay source for both) and 3 hdmi sources for a LEDTV (don't need any of those sources in zone 2). To keep things simple, I wanted to have a powered zone 2. I settled on the pioneer elite vsx-43, which seemed to fit the bill (I don't plan on going to 7.1 ever, 5.1 is more than enough now in main zone). Also, it's on sale because apparently it's getting replaced by the new model, all good stuff - I thought.

I went in best buy to purchase it and the magnolia rep informed me that airplay does not play in zone 2, only main zone.. Bummer. So I went back to the drawing board and I cannot seem to find any clear information on 1) whether that's even true or 2) which receivers would support that. I'm hoping that the collective wisdom here can help me solve my problem for under $350.

Thanks again!
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