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The Sony touch screen wireless remote pad has caught my eye.

Thus Looking @ sony gear.

Funny, the tail that wags this dog.

I am shopping for a new Recv, DVD, and VHS deck to accent this remote.

So, I ask you, (the A/V well-spring of wisdom, the happy layman, the disgruntled CEO, the Hi-Tech snobs, and all...)

"Whats out there?"

$$$ here is feast or famine. Lately much famine. Treading water in the tech pools of A/V information while "Calorie Imparied" is

very dangerous; so please, take it easy on me.

side note:anyone remember the Audiosource

SS one, seriesII surr processor?

This is what I call my "Faux Surround".

I've never had a manual for this unit. The question is, "Would the manual be worth looking for"? Thinking of adding it to the mini theatre located in the master bathroom.

Guess where the "sweet-spot" is?

Thanks in advance, jdb.

trying again with my Theatre page link...

[ http://www.geocities.com/straycatproductions/peabody.html ]


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See my other post to you at other

thread. Reciever recomendations there.

DVD try Sony 530 . Do not get a Sony

VCR!!! look at JVC,Panasonic and

Mitsu S-VHS decks.They're all pretty

good,although JVC's are proably not

as durable as the others.However JVC's

can be had for as little as $200!

Also consider Tivo instead of a VCR!


Ms. Bitchlist

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My lovely Bitchlist,

What a fountain, no make that a firehose, of useful,informative advice, and warning you have become in my life. I am tickled.

Have heard "Nope" to the Sony VHS deck twice now. That settles that.(Twilightzone.wave)

Stereo outputs was all I wanted on the VHS.

I liked the JVC unit I saw.(forgot model #)

Really though the only thing around here on VHS are my old rock shows. And truthfully, even the kids dont like to watch them to make fun of me anymore.

Stereo out is all I want on the VHS.

I liked the mitsubishi decks I saw some time back. Good tip there, Thanks.

My thought was cheap DVD unit. That would mean no dig. decoder, right? But wait, the recv. would have one...so I save some dough and go all out at a later date(even maybe flirt w/ Progressive scan!)Is this stupid?

Forgot about # of inputs. I was a little star struck by the 5.1 audio outs gleaming back at me from the unit on display.

I was a blinded fool but now, by your hand, I

can see again. Able to espy the faux pearls for what they truely are...It's late here.

My gear rack would have to be expanded to house the onyko. Size matters. I have had tough times with Kenwood in the past. There are but a few shops here so my options become slim.

Thank you for your input. I think I've got a bit of a wake-up call here. JDB

Possible explaination #2.

I still have my rack gear(4 Carver PM 600

4 rain 3rd oct, 2 DOD eq "things", and some rather beat up near-fields)left from the show days and I guess Im wanting to slam together a system on what $$$ I have on hand. It just seems so close...


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Unless you're buying one hell of a nice TV,who needs prog. scanning DVD

player.Make sure your DVD player has

component output though as all above

average TV's will soon have the three

line component input.unfortuneatly,

many DVD players come with built-in

DD decoders,what a waste.The Sony

530 I recommended does but you don't

have to use it.Pioneer 525 is a good

player that's not expensive.For a VCR

try JVC 3600 it's SVHS and can be found mail-order for 200-250.Some

places may still have JVC 3500 which

is last year's model and nearly identical.If stuff you want is not

available locally try :




there's alot of others too!

Tulsa is a fair-sized city,is there

no place to shop other than Circuit

City? Too bad if that's the case.You

might want to buy some stuff online or

by phone. If you research things,many

things can be had at way better prices

else-where.But,I would not recommend

buying speakers this way unless you've

heard and seen them someplace in person! How far is Oak. City? There

must be good shoping there,eh?

if you want any more advice E-mail me

[email protected]

I'm an audio-vidiot and I've seen,

used,or owned so much of this stuff

it's obscene!


Ms. Bitchlist

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Speakers, amps, and EQ...I have.

Installed even.

Tulsa has some shops. It's the people behind the counter I cant stand. Either tech snobs w/ an attitude that dont know beans, or kids at CC that dont know beans.tough choise.

There is one store I like. They even indulge my whims but only carry select items which would cost me both children.( am thinking that over).

switching to your E mail when I have articulated questions...Thank you again,

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