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A thing of beauty

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Mmmm, forget all those technology rivalries, ...just sit back and enjoy the sight of this beautiful baby ....
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P.S. I meant the display, not the Korean lady ... :) although she is equally enchanting ...

Ok, here are the brief specs:

resolution - 1920x1080

CR 1000:1

Brightness: 600

Response - less than 8 ms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now tell me she is not a cutie :)
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How long do I have to wait for it to go down to $2000?


By the way, that does look very nice. The 8ms response should be interesting to see.
i don't even want to imagine what that thing costs!
Just to make everyone feel good I will play a Devil's advocate role tonight

So here's another display that will definitely catch your breath:

resolution 1920x1080

CR 2000:1

brightness 1000

.... and yes, she is a plasma

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Hot damn that's pretty. Hey I have a serious question - aside from subjective issues like picture quality, is there any reason someone would really use an 80 inch plasma over say, a front projector in a HT? I suppose if it's a bright room that can't be made dark that makes sense. Any other reasons I'm missing?
It's all about ambient light and viewing angles for the ultra jumbo plasma.

It's a special-purpose item right now, due to what will likely be an astronomical cost.

As for the jumbo LCD, it'll also be very pricey -- at least initially.

I saw both at CES and neither prototype looked very close to production.

I wonder if Samsung's plan isn't to have plasmas at 42, 50 and 63 and actually have LCDs "in between" at 46 and 57. I had originally thought that 57 made no sense. But in the context of their plasmas it almost does.

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