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Hello everyone,

I will probably buy tomorow a JBL Northridge Home theater pack

(2* E80 + 2 * E20 + 1 EC25 + E150P)

But I don't know which amp would be the best choice : I want HDMI, I pod docking capability and good hifi sound

Here is a summary of my findings

Harman 235

+ Sounds very good with JBL

+ Auto setup

+ Good I pod deck

- enough power ?


Marantz SR4001


+ good hifi sound

- Less integrated i pod deck

- No auto setup

Onkyo SR604


+ Best I pod deck of the market ?

+ Auto setup

+ Power

- I have never listened to an Onkyo

Onkyo seems the best on paper

What's the best choice according to you (in the list or not in the list)?

Thank you very much for your answers

Florent from Belgium
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