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I am roughing in cable for a new construction for a system with 11 zones for audio and 7 zones for video.

Basically, I was going to run structured bundles (2 by 2) and seperate cat 5e (2 runs) to each audio zone wall control wall box as well as homeruns for all speaker wire.

Then I was going to run component video (mini coax) to my 7 video zones as well as some IR cable in the same location (home runned).

My questions are as follows:

1. Does this sound OK in terms of enough cable

2. I want to use the Nuvo Grand Concerto to run the audio for HD radio, music server and inportantly, Satelite and a DVD changer. Will I be able to use the component video for the DVD changer and get the audio OK on the overhead speakers via the Nuvo? Will there be a delay or somthing?

I am only running component to the room where there will also be a television. There will be audio (speakers and touchpad) in other rooms which make up the other 4 zones such as dining room that only have audio.

Any help will be appreciated.
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