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I recently started putting together a small, simple home theater, and all of a sudden am having some issues. I've got a pair of towers along with a center speaker hooked up to an Onkyo SR508 receiver. I also have my cable box, Samsung blu ray player, and TV (an Insignia LED LCD TV) running through the receiver, all via HDMI cables.

I've watched DVDs in the past, but the last time I put one in and switched the receiver to the DVD component, all I got was sound, but no video. The DVD appeared to be playing. I then switched the receiver back to cable, and had sound on that input, but no video. I turned everything off, unplugged the TV from the receiver, plugged it back in a minute later, and got my picture back on the cable, but still had none with the DVD player. I unhooked that, left it overnight (as I was pretty frustrated at this point), and once I hooked everything back up the next morning, it was working again. But then, a few days later, the problem resurfaced again. Cable is since working fine without any issues, but I can't get any picture with the DVD player. I've noticed that if I'm watching cable, then turn on the DVD player, there's some flickering, as if the TV and receiver are not communicating properly, and the TV wants to automatically switch to the DVD HDMI input, even though the TV is going through the receiver. It's very weird.

Hope I explained this well enough (and am asking this question in the right place). I'm concerned that my TV is the issue, since I generally have faith in Onkyo and I'm doubtful that it's the DVD player since the issue happened with the cable as well. Any help on this issue would be greatly appreciated!
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