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I am using my IP35 Pro based q6600 machine as a basis for making an HTPC. I was previously using it for Hackintosh but fell in love with the iMac 27" i7 machine.

Currently I have it in an Antec tower case and my just get some quieter fans--if not I will get a better case perhpas a thermaltake.

Here is what I plan:

Abit IP35 Pro mobo

6gb Corsair (3x2gb) RAM--one chip went bad if I get it replaced it will be 8GB.

I have 4x500 GB 7200 RPM drives

Pioneer DVD player

Intel Q6600 CPU--I am not going to overclock to keep heat and fans noise down and the power I assume will be more than adequate for this application.

The machine is now running 64bit Fedora 12 (I actually like this quite a bit and may convert my Ubuntu table PC over to this, but that's a story for another time).

The question now becomes sound and video. I was thinking the Asus Xonar with the daughter board because I believe it has 2 IO HDMI 1.3a ports on it. Is this best choice? If I do this can I use an external blu-ray player and have it decode or should I get an internal blu ray player and work around the Linux limitations?

Externally I would like to connect my Apple TV for when I am to lazy to run out and rent or when my netflix queue is off.

Are there better choices without spending a heck of lot more money than the Xonar?

Thanks all.

I plan on using this as the primary processor and getting rid of my Outlaw 950 (no HDMI)
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