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I'm looking for an a/v receiver that is capable of doing some sort of picture in picture. I looked around online a little, and I came across an old sony receiver that seemed to have picture in picture ability, but this product is no longer sold. I haven't been able to find any other receivers with a build in picture in picture capability, but if anyone knows of one, I would love to know of it.

If the alternative, I have seen that some of the high end a/v receivers are starting to come with 2 hdmi output. I believe these receivers are capable of displaying the same content on 2 different sources (tvs, monitors), but are there any receivers with 2 hdmi output that are capable of displaying different content through each output?

Essentially, I saw rumors that apple is going to start making products with hdmi outputs (such as the mac mini). I am hoping to purchase a computer with an hdmi output (preferabbly the mac mini) that I would like to hook up to an HDTV so that my tv will work as my computer. However, ideally I would like to be able to do some sort of picture in picture between various inputs, so I can watch tv on the screen but have a smaller picture of another input (the mac mini) on the screen as well, so I can use the computer and watch tv on the same screen at the same time (or in the reverse, to be able to have the computer full screen and have a smaller screen of television content). I figure that if there are no receivers that can perform this function natively, I can always buy a tv with picture in picture, and as long as a receiver could display different signals on its 2 different hdmi outputs, I could use the TV's picture in picture to create this setup.

If anyone knows of any products that meet these descriptions, or just have advice on how I can create a similar setup, please let me know.

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