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A/V Solutions for Small Spaces

By Natalie Hope McDonald
Five tips for anyone struggling to integrate A/V equipment into an apartment, condo or tight space.

As more condo and apartment dwellers alike expect higher-tech amenities to come pre-packaged with community residences, like Wi-Fi, VoIP and pre-wiring for A/V, and as more hardware also gets streamlined, there are plenty more entertainment options for gadget lovers living in small spaces.

Flat-screen TVs, in-wall speakers and wireless music, video and audio have all made an imprint on home entertainment for both luxury and budget lifestyles. As solutions become more compact, there are better ways to update your own small living space with handsome, sophisticated hardware. Here are five tips to achieving a high-tech paradise in less than 1,000 square feet:

Choose Wisely

When it comes to selecting the best A/V system for a small space, there are two important considerations to make: size and impact. You don't want bulky loudspeakers taking up a lot of already precious space in a small living room, but you also can't get a sweet sound from flimsy laptop speakers. Fortunately, more manufacturers are introducing small systems that deliver high-quality sound. But don't simply settle for the first out-of-the-box system you find at the local big box. Because you're faced with size restrictions, look for hardware that is compact and can expand to meet the needs of a growing system down the road.

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