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I am looking for ideas on a A/V system for my VGX-XL2A, primarily to get decent quality 5.1 audio.

I recently bought a Sony Digital Living PC (VGX-XL2A) plus three of the 200-disk DVD changers (VGP-XL1B). While my HDTV doesn't have bad sound, it falls very short of what I know could be heard from the movies in my DVD collection both in terms of general sound quality and being able to play 5.1 versus plain old stereo.

I think I want an A/V receiver that can accept HDMI inputs from my Comcast cable box, this Sony PC, and an Xbox 360 and then send the video to my HDTV while pumping out impressive sounding 5.1 audio at decent volumes across the spectrum with deep bass and everything else higher than that. If it could send audio and video to multiple rooms, that would be ideal, but not required.

Of course, I don't want to pay for quality even though I expect quality. I think I could budget for between $1,000 and $2,000. Am I out of my mind and need to be thinking about more money or can I get what I want within this price range?

Any suggestions for me on what equipment to look at?

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