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a/v wireless from satellite

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We are thinking of upgrading our satellite service to HD. That will require changing our current wireless a/v equipment. In looking at the new products available I see the terms sender and transmitter. But nowhere can I find any explanation of these terms or what the difference is between them.
We currently have an old 2.4 Ghz device as output from the satellite receiver and sending/transmitting(?) the a/v to receivers on our two TV's. One of the receivers has died and so this is a great opportunity to upgrade both the satellite service and the wireless equipment to handle HD.
Any suggestions or advice is greatly appreciated. And that includes brand names.

Thank you very much
Michael Dietz
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Which satellite service? There are wireless satellite receiver units which will probably be your best bet instead of taking this at the HDMI level...
You want to look for a sender and receiver, or transmitter and receiver. Make sure they pass 1080P, are HDCP compliant, pass the audio needed such as 7.1, they all send different distances so be aware of that, and if you have obstructions make sure you get one that is rated to pass through walls. Also look for their latency, that is going to be their lag in milliseconds. Here is a pretty good kit:

Thank you both for the replies. The service is with Dish Network. I have already contacted them and they do not have any type of a wireless sender/transmitter device. Their HD receiver however has all types of output cabling possible so all I have to do is decide on the sender/transmitter.

My big questions concerns the difference between a sender and a transmitter. Which is better and in what way. I do have walls between where the device would be placed and the receivers. Our TV's are not the huge ones but both are capable of HD and have several types of input cabling. So comes down to which to get, a sender or a transmitter.

Again thank you very much for the advice.

You are going to want to get one with low latency, 1080P, HDCP compliant, ability to go through walls, 7.1 audio if needed, and the distance you need.
Since you're going to have to change out your satellite receivers anyway, have you considered switching to DirecTV? If you do that, you can use their wireless Genie client boxes and not have to deal with trying to do wireless HDMI (which isn't, really).
I would try out DirecTV, at a friend's house, for a couple hours.

I've had DirecTV for 2 years now, it's OK, switched from Comcast. I will likely switch to Dish or back to Comcast for a couple years, to save money - first 2 years always cheapest.

I believe our DirecTV install was free, or at least dirt cheap. Installer comes out, sets you up. Nothing fancy needed, for the average house.

The client box is the size of a deck of cards, sits behind the TV. Main DVR box is the size of a regular component - large DVD player, VCR, or AV receiver. 1 TV gets the DVR, other gets a client. Mine are all wired with coax, haven't tried the wireless.

Search the DirecTV website online for free installation deals.
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