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A way to insert 16:9 flag w/o re-encoding

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Hey guys

Short version: Are there any softwares that can re-insert 16:9 flags back into MPEG-2 files without re-enoding?

Here's the long version, that is if you're interested ;-)

I’ve been editing the contents of DVD-VR successfully for over a year using Ulead Media Studio 8 and TMPGenc DVD Author. But now, I ran into a slight problem maintaining 16:9 aspect ratio.

I am in the process of going multi-core and upgrading to Vista. So I needed a new video editing program that is compatible but offers the same functionality as MS8, which is why I chose Adobe Primer Elements 4.0. The problem is, the extracted MPEG-2 files (from VR) loose their 16:9 flag, which isn’t a problem with MS8 as it simply re-inserts the flags during rendering. So I get near perfect image quality.

Now, with APE 4, the edited videos are vertically stretched with two black bars on the sides. So my question is, is there any way to correct this problem in APE4 or are there any DVD-VR extractors that can maintain 16:9 flags?

Thanks for reading
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