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I made a discovery that I must credit to dannykewl who first had the idea of trying to drive the headphone output jack with an external antenna input. The key is to have a triple RCA plug to 1/8th inch quad connector, find which one does NOT short the audio output that you can simultaneously monitor through earphones with a Y adapter. The trick is to have a decent antenna that is properly orientated with proven good reception when driving another HD Radio like the Accurian or Sangean or Sony. Take that antenna signal and connect it to a 10dB antenna preamp (Radio Shack has such devices). Obtain a Female F to Female RCA adapter to interface the RCA side of the (mini AV adapter cable)and the F connector side to the standard 75 ohm coax cable connected to the 10dB booster amp output. This system will present enough RF gain to overcome tuner insensitivity. Remember: there is no TRUE RF differential input to the radio so IT IS CRITICALLY IMPORTANT TO COIL WRAP THE ADAPTER WIRE SO IT WON'T ACT AS AN ANTENNA ITSELF and draw the enhanced antenna signal AWAY from the radio's front end and just allow it to re-radiate elsewhere and NOT inside the Insignia itself. I was surprised at how well this works and how accurately you can position antenna reception points for conflicting radio station directions.

here's the link to my demo video (it's fuzzy but instructive)
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